*** Saturday Breakfasts are cancelled until further notice. Monthly business meetings are held via teleconference. See the Home Page for details.  ***

Well we are now in May of the year 2019. It is the time of year when Ham enthusiasts west of Dayton head to the east to the mecca of all Hamfests. We have a small group in our club that will venture to the Hamfest looking for the best deals to be had. I wish them well on thier trip. Hopefully one day I to will able to join in tis pilgrimage to the land of great ham deals. I would also say that if you ever get the chance and have the time all hams should make this trip at least once.

In June the Sante Fe Trail Amateur Radio Club will also be volunteering at the Ensor Museum as guides. If you have not signed up for the month of June please do so if you have time. You can contact Marty Peters for the dates that we need additional volunteers.

Also were are less than 60 days from Field Day 2019. This year it will be held again at the Ensor Museum in Olathe. We hope to have at least 3 stations set up as well as the GOTA station. If you plan on attending this year please make sure you contact someone on the Field Day committee. We can always use volunteers for set up and tear down. If you have not worked a station on Field Day you really need to try it. If you are one of the folks with a new general class license that has yet to hit the airwaves this is a great event to get some quality airtime. If you are still a Technician class, come on out, there are enough hams at field day that can get you on the air as well. If you know someone that is not a ham and that is interested you can always tell them to attend. We will have a GOTA station (Get on the Air) available for this specific purpose.

I hope to see many of you at Field Day 2019.