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*** Club Breakfast - Saturday August 24, 7:00 AM, Mom's Kitchen, 530 East Santa Fe St. Olathe ***

A net in the context of Amatuer Radio is a scheduled on the air meeting (day, time, frequency, mode).

The text below describes the types of nets that generally occur.

Net Control Station (NCS) is responsible for conducting each session of the net in an orderly way ... follows established net procedures ... skilled and experienced operator. Net session begins ... using a script ... purpose of net ... check for emergency traffic ... announcements ... regular check-ins ... conduct net business ... close net.

"Social [nets] ... the least formal and most common are the social nets, ham radio's on-the-air meetings. Themes ... very widely ... hobbies ... award chasing ... stay-in-contact ... support stations [for travel]."

"Traffic [nets] ... on-the-air ... exchanging and routing formal messages, known as traffic, across town or across the country. National Traffic System (NTS) is designed for efficient station-to-station traffic handling. NTS is composed of local, regional and national nets." Used to pass traffic in emergencies ... hurricanes."

"Emergency [nets] ... coordinate ... emergency response activities ... severe weather. Dual-purpose; ... pass emergency traffic ... coordinate reporting and response activities.

Local Nets

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