Shriners of North America are volunteer organization that supports 22 Shriners Hospital’s for Children in Canada, Mexico and the United States. These hospitals specialize providing premier care to children with burns, orthopedic disabilities and cleft palette.

Did you ever wonder why so many Shriners are also Amateur operators? It is because they share the same community focus as many HAM operators. Shriners are more than just goofy old men in funny red hats and go-carts. These Shriners and their ladies are leaders in your community. They volunteer to provide services for the general betterment of their neighborhood. Sounds a lot like Hams expanding their hobby to being involved and participating in community activities doesn’t it?

To be a Shriner you must first become a Master Mason in a Masonic lodge. Similar to HAM radio, masonic ritual requires passing a series of proficiency tests. As you gain knowledge in masonic rituals and instruction, you’ll quickly progress and be conferred the degree of Master Mason. Think of it as comparable to a radio operator receiving their General Class license.

Once you become a Master Mason in your Lodge, the options and opportunities really open. There are many organizations that expand upon the base lodge (known as a Blue Lodge in Masonic parlance). Shriners are just but one of these organizations. Think of when you first received your General class license, you had many choices of how to utilize your new skills; contesting, DXing, collecting QSO cards, building kits, trying new antenna ideas, expanding your technical knowledge, going for Extra. Or, volunteering for a community program like CERT, EMS, Storm spotters, ARES, SATURN, etc. No wonder many Shriners are also HAMs; not to mention Shriners “ham it up” occasionally—pun intended.

For Shriners our philanthropy is the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Local efforts specialize in funding, arranging and transporting children in need to one of the hospitals to provide premium medical care to children at no cost to the families.

Want to join? Become part of the Greatest Philanthropy in the World and enjoy the brotherhood and camaraderie that go with it. A visit to will give you additional information on how to get started, or [you can] email [Greg Sippel at ] for personal correspondence.